I was lucky enough to be tutored by Victoria during my degree and post-graduation, and she is the absolute gold standard. As a leader of a group and me as an individual she lead calmly, understandingly and compassionately, and was no different 1-1. She is encouraging, adaptable and immensely well-versed in the physiological and emotional aspects of performance, working with your individual tone and capabilities to bring you to your goals. She immediately understood my voice, its potential and any gaps for improvement and delivers her guidance in a clear, positive way that is easy to apply and move forward with. She has always been an incredibly kind, generous and priceless mentor, with an infectious passion for her work and the wellbeing of her students. Could not recommend her more if I tried.”
Holly Parkinson, Mezzo/Belter (2023)

...Victoria Barbé responded to Simone’s intricate score with her powerful, breathtaking voice...
Zoë Leigh Gadd, Hidden Spaces, Dance Ahead (2015)

I could not speak more highly of Victoria. I fell out of love for performing but with Victoria’s constant support and help, she helped bring the love right back. All of her techniques that she uses, although I was hesitant to try them at first, work amazingly and I could really feel the difference after I’d tried them. I felt so much more confident as a singer after being coached by Victoria. She is also my inspiration to become a vocal coach and help people in the way she helped me. She truly is outstanding at what she does. I couldn’t recommend her enough!
Lennox Henderson, Vocal Coach & Musical Director (2023)

I took vocal lessons with Victoria over the course of 3 years both online and in person. I cannot put into words the confidence that I grew throughout these sessions, the support and the technique taught by Victoria is impeccable. These lessons gave me a deeper understand of the voice which ultimately lead to enhanced performance. Victoria is the most patient and nurturing teacher. Could not recommend Victorias lessons enough.
Bobbie Burns, Mezzo/Belter & Actor (2023)

I have worked with Victoria on numerous occasions, and in that time she has demonstrated extremely impeccable facilitation skills, her teaching style is a huge part of her success as a lecturer and programme leader. Victoria has always demonstrated an upbeat and professional attitude towards all of her goals. As well as having fantastic leadership skills. Victoria also has a beautiful gift and is an extremely talented performer. Not only can Victoria deliver herself as an magnificent leader and teacher but she is able to give confidence to her students in ways I have yet to be seen duplicated. No one has more dedication and passion towards the growth of students than Victoria. I have been extremely lucky to get to work along side her on multiple occasions and every-time she has left me blown away with how she handles any situation.
Thomas Newall, Director, Actor & Creative (2023)

Victoria instantly not only saw my vocal capabilities - she challenged me with songs I would never dream to attempt ... I wasn’t sure what the point of it all was - until I realised. Victoria had listened to my voice, taken into account its resonance, it’s ability for character and she challenged it. With a gentle yet firm approach, she showed me how to utilise my voice with techniques I would never have even imagined.
She gave ... training in confidence, using positive mentality to aid the performer. There was no place that lacked in strength through my vocal training - physically, mentally and vocally. Victoria made sure to cover it all.
M Loughran, Actor & Baritone (2018)

The female voices of Dimitri Scarlato's A Life Reset...make a satisfyingly operatic impact.
Yehuda Shapiro, Opera Magazine 2020

Victoria is incredible as a teacher and really does get results from all of her students myself included but that's not all. Victoria is one of the kindest people to learn from, always going that extra mile to impart her knowledge and striving for fairness, personal growth and safe practice. There are not many teachers like Victoria, particularly at the high level she has achieved. You would honestly be so lucky to call her your teacher, her vocal knowledge is great and her skills on the piano ... you will be hard-pressed to find someone like her.
Andre Anderson, Theatre Maker, Performer & Producer (2023)